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Cycling Ireland MTB XC NPS Round 1

Big wood, Newry, Co. Down - 5th May 2002 


Under 16: 1st 2nd & 3rd

Elite Start

Junior Start

Masters Start

Sports Start

Veterans Start

Glen Kinning

Don Travers followed by John Mason

Aiden McDonald

Matt Dempsey

Juniors Lewis Ferguson followed by Johnny Reid

Masters winner Pete McConvey

Women's Winner Beth McCluskey

Sports winner Glyn O'Brien

Veterans winner Aiden Ryan

Aiden McDonald and Glen Kinning after the finish



XMTB rider Glen Kinning survived a late charge by Aiden McDonald (Apollo Cycling Team) to win the first round of the National Points Series in Big Wood in Newry yesterday. Kinning went clear at the start of the six lap event and was closely pursued by Don Travers (Banbridge) until the latter crashed on the third lap. McDonald then took over as the main threat, gradually reducing his one and a half deficit to eventually finish 21 seconds down.

Glynn O’Brien was first home in the sports race, Beth McCluskey was first woman, while Louis Ferguson won the junior event. Aidan Ryan and Peter McConvey were best in the veteran and masters categories, while Andrew McCullough, Conor McConvey and Christy Brown won the under 16, under 14 and under 12 races.

Expert: 1, Glen Kinning (XMTB) six laps in 1 hour 51 mins 27 secs; 2, A. McDonald (Apollo CT) at 21 secs; 3, J. Mason (unattached) at 3 mins 7 secs; 4, M. Dempsey (IMBRC) at 9 mins 23 secs; 5, D. Travers (Banbridge) at 10 mins; 6, D. Gill (Team Worc) at 12 mins 50 secs; 7, B. Nelson (IMBRC); 8, P. Daley (Team Worc)


Sports/novice: 1, Glynn O’Brien (unattached) 3 laps in 1 hour 1 min 2 secs; 2, D. McGann (Mayo) at 20 secs; 3, G. Blair (XMTB) at 50 secs; 4, M. Harman (IMBRC) at 1 min 50 secs; 5, P. Anderson (Banbridge) at 2 mins 20 secs; 6, R. O’Shaughnessy (Apollo CT)

Juniors: 1, Lewis Ferguson (XMTB) 4 laps in 1 hour 17 mins 33 secs; 2, J. Reid (Ards CC) at 1 min 13 secs; 3, D. Kerns (Newbridge CC) at 3 mins; 4, S. Curran (Banbridge CC) at 8 mins 3 secs; 5, S. Campbell (Newry CC); 6, K. Byrne (Newry CC)

Women: Beth McCluskey (IMBRC)

Veterans: 1, Aidan Ryan (Sorrento CC); 2, D. Wayne (unattached); 3, A. Potts (Banbridge CC); 4, G. Copeland (Apollo CT); 5, L. Walpole (unattached); 6, E. McCoveny (XMTB)

Masters: 1, P. McConvey (Newry CC); 2, K. Farrar (Team Worc); 3, W. Mulligan (Banbridge CC); 4, C. McGreevy (Newry CC); 5, M. Jordan (IMBRC); 6, P. McCann (Banbridge CC)


Underage: Under16: 1, Andrew McCullough (XMTB); 2, M. Ferguson (XMTB); 3, D. Quoile (Newbridge CC); 4, R. Cullinan (IMBRC); 5, C. Bermingham (IMBRC); 6, B. Conway (IMBRC). Under 14: 1, Conor McConvey (XMTB); 2, N. McCormick (BBC); 3, D. Gordon (XMTB); 4, G. Boyd (XMTB); 5, H. Corr (unattached). Under 12: 1, Christy Brown (XMTB); 2, Neil McGimsey (XMTB); 3, W. Boyde (XMTB); 4, J. Laird (XMTB); 5, M. Gordon (XMTB); 6, R. Davidson (XMTB)

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