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Cycling Ireland MTB Championships 2002

Killruddrey, Co. Wicklow - 21st July 2002 


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National Mountain Bike Championships 2002 – 21st June 2002

Seymour Unstoppable

Robin Seymour (Mapei) once again rode to victory to continue his winning streak of Irish mountain bike titles in the Kilruddery Estate in Co.Wicklow today. Seymour had a steady start preferring to stay in second place on the opening lap behind Phil Cooper ( until they started the second lap, when Seymour took the lead, a lead that he was to hold until the finish of the six-lap race. Glen Kinning (XMTB) who will be representing Northern Ireland next week at the commonwealth games chased hard to close in on the second place Cooper but faded on the fifth lap when fellow XMTB rider Simon Loughlin capitalised on Kinning’s earlier efforts to take third place in his best ride of the season so far. Don Travers (Banbridge CC) and Aidan McDonald (Apollo CT) also managed to overtake Kinning on the final lap to take 4th and 5th places respectively with Kinning coming in a tired 6th place. Irish rider Tarja Owens who is based in Switzerland and is riding for the UCI team won the women’s race once again but said she was “disappointed with the bad turnout by women riders and hopes that over the next year more women get involved in this great sport”

Results 2002 XC Champs

Senior Men

  1. Robin Seymour Mapei
  2. Philip Cooper
  3. Simon Loughlin XMTB
  4. Don Travers Banbridge CC
  5. Aiden McDonald Apollo CT
  6. Glen Kinning XMTB
  7. Richie McCauley Team Velocosse
  8. Matt Dempsey IMBRC
  9. Brett Nelson IMBRC
  10. Mark Kenny Team-WORC

Senior Women

  1. Tarja Owens UCI
  2. Jenny Brennan Team Velocosse


  1. Neil McGimpsey XMTB
  2. Christy Brown XMTB
  3. Conor O'Neil Killarney CC
  4. Kieran Slattery Killarney CC
  5. Niall Healey Killarney CC
  6. Jason Murphy Killarney CC
  7. Reece Davidson XMTB
  8. Michael Gordon XMTB
  9. William Boyde XMTB
  10. Dara O'Neill Killarney CC


  1. Chris Jenson Sorrento CC
  2. Conor McConfee XMTB
  3. Donnana Cassidy Killarney CC
  4. David Gordon XMTB
  5. Ryan Donnalson U/A
  6. Graham Boyde XMTB
  7. Michael Tangray Killarney CC
  8. Conor Heyel Killarney CC
  9. Killian O'Carroll Killarney CC
  10. Declan Malone U/A


  1. Thomas Jenson Sorrento CC
  2. Andrew McCullagh XMTB
  3. Michael Mullvenagh Ards CC
  4. Matt Ferguson XMTB
  5. Chris Birmingham Irish MTB
  6. Ryan Connay IMBRC
  7. Dara Quille Newbridge CC
  8. Barry Nolan Sorrento CC
  9. Jason Harris Killarney CC
  10. Patrick Semple Sorrento CC


  1. Alan Ryan U/A
  2. Alan Clogher TC Racing
  3. Peter Jones Hi Elbow TRI Club
  4. Paul Hicks Team-WORC
  5. Mark Harman IMBRC
  6. David Hickey U/A
  7. Darren McGann U/A
  8. Stuart Galloway Team-WORC
  9. Ross McClure Cycleways / MAD
  10. Naill Davis Mitch CC


  1. Lewis Ferguson XMTB
  2. William Britton Eire Og CC
  3. Gavin Weston IMBRC
  4. Samual Curran Banbridge CC
  5. Christopher Jones Xplosive MTB
  6. Philip Roche Cycleways / MAD
  7. Keith Quille Newbridge CC
  8. Derek Kearns Newbridge CC
  9. Michael McCuthans Cycleways / MAD
  10. Patrick O'Connor Killarney CC


  1. Peter McConnville Newry Wheelers
  2. Robert Lamont XMTB
  3. Paul McCann Banbridge CC
  4. William Mulligan Banbridge CC
  5. David King Smith Team-WORC
  6. Peter Molloy U/A
  7. Conor Higgins Sorrento CC
  8. Ken Farrar Team-WORC


  1. Knud Juul Jenson Sorrento CC
  2. Aidan Ryan Sorrento CC
  3. Justin May IMBRC
  4. Leslie Warpole IMBRC
  5. Paul Murray Sorrento CC
  6. Eamonn Mullin U/A
  7. Geoff Copeland Apollo CT
  8. Ray Beers U/A
  9. Bill McGimpsey XMTB
  10. Doug Corrie U/A

Under 23 Men

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